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Who Controls Your Mood?

The other day I ran into Charles, a man in his mid-70’s that I see somewhat regularly. As we greeted each other he asked me how I was doing, to which I replied “great”. He smiled and said, “well of you course you are because you’re always in a good mood”.

I didn’t know how to take this at first, it made me feel almost fake because nobody is ever always in a good mood, are they? But then it got me to thinking about how I present myself  and how I’m viewed by others that I interact with.

The truth of the matter is that nine times out of ten, I am in a good mood. I tend to enter the day out of a place of gratitude, I’m always grateful to wake up full of health and vitality and to see another day. And that’s not to sound too “new-agey”, but it really does beat the alternative.

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I realize that one of the things that I do have control over for the most part is my mood. Even when negative things happen, they don’t necessarily have to ruin my whole day. Like when I got my car towed last week and my mood when south (and believe me it’s still a sore spot), my cab driver was quick to remind me, “hey, it’s already happened and getting mad isn’t going to bring your car back”. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but definitely what I needed to hear.

Who controls your mood? Does it ebb and flow with everything that goes on around you, or are you the captain of your internal ship? Dr. Maxwell Maltz talked about how most people are similar to a live studio audience during TV shows. They laugh when the sign says, “laugh” and applaud when the sign says, “applaud”. Similarly their emotions run the same way in reaction mode to everything going on around them.

Vow to be the controller of your own mood; don’t give over that control to anybody or anything else. Sure there will be times when you’re triggered by events, I mean let’s face it it’s unhealthy to be numb to everything and everyone around you. But with that said, you can choose to be proactive instead of reactive with your emotions.

Did you wake up to another day? Is good health on your side? Is there anything in your life to smile about? If you answered yes to any of these then you have much to be grateful for. Start your day from this place and the events of the day will have less control over you.

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