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The Extraordinary Ordinary Life

I’ve been thinking lately about this idea of living an ordinary life extraordinarily. I really want to see individuals do their day to day tasks and follow their interests in an extraordinary way.  To have the goal to aspire to be their own best selves as opposed to having to be better than someone else (the competition). To compete against our own internal standards that we set instead of focusing on what someone else is doing or achieving.

When I was younger I always had this idea of wanting to be the greatest at something. At one time it was wanting to be the greatest rapper, like a Jay Z or someone of that caliber. I took it to the point where I would create songs with my favorite artists I mind, thinking about how they would judge my art. Looking back I can see that this was a very limiting way to go about creating. For one it made my work less authentic because I was trying to please someone as opposed to just creating for the love of it. And on top of that, how can anyone possibly find their true voice if they’re always comparing their voice to someone else?

Set your own standards and set them high, though not unreasonable. Compete against your own best effort and make it even better. And maybe, just maybe your high standard will carry you above and beyond what anyone else in your field is doing and place you among “the best”. It’s gut check time.


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