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New Shoes?!

I had an interesting conversation today with an acquaintance of mine. He recently had his car stolen and is in the process of shopping for a new one.

He says to me that he went to a dealership on the weekend and didn’t want to seem too eager to buy because he knew that the dealers would smell it on him and go in for the kill. He said he really had to use his alter ego.

You might be as confused as I was at the time; I was like, “Your alter ego?”

He laughed and mentioned that he’s a real talker and an extrovert, which I’ve definitely come to know over the years. In going to the dealership he decided to be more of a quiet introvert in an effort to hold off the car salesmen so he could take his time with his own process.



He went on to say that he was bursting inside and just wanted to go on chatting away with the sales people and talk about how much he loved the car he was test driving. It drove him crazy.

The interesting thing to me was when he said that he now has such an appreciation for introverts. Through the process he developed an appreciation for the ability to speak only when necessary and to be more of an observer of things.

Spending a few hours in the shoes of another personality gave him a perspective on the world that he never had before. This also gave him a different lense to be able to view the world through.

Have you ever tried to live in the shoes of your own alter ego? Take the alter ego challenge and spend at least one hour at the opposite side of the spectrum of your natural personality. See what it brings up for you, see what you learn and see what other dimensions of yourself you can awaken.

Try on your alter egos shoes, walk in them for an hour and see where they take you. Let me know where you end up!

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