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Nature’s Voice

I had the opportunity to watch the new Tarzan movie last night. No, this post isn’t a review of the film. I’m not the guy for that. It’s just that while watching I couldn’t help but admire the way Tarzan was interacting and communicating with the animals in their language. Sure it was just a film, but how cool would that be to be able to interact in that way?

I guess the reason this was even more interesting to me was because I had begun reading the book, Beyond Words by Carl Safina which explores what animals think and feel. I used to hold the belief for a long time that all animals can do is react to stimuli and not necessarily process information, think and make decisions. This book combined with this movie was a powerful combination to make me stop and reflect on how much I really don’t know.

img_7286Another take away from this film was the idea of the impact our actions have on our environment. Not just the jungles in Africa where Tarzan was swinging from vine to vine, but right here in our communities where we live. Sometimes our actions seem small and insignificant; but that garbage we toss on the ground or that flower we plant has a lasting impact.

We’re all aware of the damage that humans have done to this planet over the years and we’re also aware of the healing that can take place if we take better care of our surroundings. I write this as a hypocrite that has done my own fair share of damage over the years, maybe there is time to make amends and right some of our wrongs.

It’ll be a long time before another planet is found and developed and deemed to be suitable for humans to exist on, we need to take care of this one that we have. No you don’t have to go hug a tree, but you can start by letting your feet kiss the ground as you walk.

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