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Lessons From the Olympics

As I watched the Olympic games this summer I found myself caught up in the stories, the magic and the drama of the games.

It’s one of the few times every four years that you get to see so many of the top 1% in their athletic disciplines competing for that crown. All of them giving their all to be crowned “the best in the world”. You get reminded about what it takes to operate at that level and more importantly, what it takes just to get there.

The sacrifice and the discipline necessary to achieve the Olympic level is legendary, we’ve all heard the stories. These stories become even more romantic when you hear about the unlikely athlete that made it there against all odds. In many of these instances we’re amazed just that the athlete is at the Olympics and if they medal is secondary.

While thinking about this I realized that we’re all of Olympic caliber in something. It could be our jobs that we work at 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I mean, at 40 hours a week, you had better be more than proficient. It could be a subject in school. Some of us are at that level when it comes to sleeping in, hitting snooze every morning like clockwork. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be a “good” discipline that we excel at. It could be eating well, or eating poorly, but that which we practice consistently, we tend to become world class at.

OlympicsThe beauty is that we can make a choice of where we want to excel to gold medal status. Make a choice, but choose wisely. What can you be proud of? Where can you excel in your life that can make you proud and your friends and family proud of you as well? It’s cool to give them bragging rights just for knowing you.

Maybe you have some loose ends you haven’t tied up yet. The guitar you picked up a while ago, but haven’t gotten back to playing. A language you began learning and never quite finished what you started (that would be Spanish and French for me). The point is that if you got a start in an area, then there’s something there to build on. And why not see where you can take it to, simply for your own amusement!

The 2016 games were a joy to watch and as always, it was eye opening when I took into account what it took for some of these athletes to achieve their ultimate goals. The interesting thing is that the same principles that got them there are the same principles that every individual and business uses to succeed. Focus, discipline, hard work, passion, joy, love and sacrifice. I’m sure there are a few that you can add to this list.

Where in your life are you willing to dig in this deep? What would constitute a gold, silver or bronze medal for you? If you’re willing to go there, the shovel is in your hand. Start digging.

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