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Harvey’s Restaurant Puts a Stop to Bullying



Last night Jen and I decided to head over to Harvey’s for a burger while on our way to a fun night of gaming at Gameopolis downtown Hamilton. When we walked through the door at Harvey’s on Barton Street you could feel a sort of tension in the air.

As we walked in, a group of about 4 or 5 young girls around 11yrs old were quickly walking out. There was one girl left behind in a booth by herself sobbing and being consoled by 2 very large older men. What in the world was going on?

We came to learn that the group of girls had all been sitting together. The ones that walked out were now going outside to wait on the young 8 year old girl to beat her up when she came out.

The manager and the staff at Harvey’s weren’t having any of it and were making sure that nothing happened to this young girl. She was told to stay in the restaurant until someone came to pick her up. One of the older men that were consoling her bought her a pop while the other man went outside to tell the other girls to get to stepping.

While the group waited outside and continued to provoke her through the window you could feel all the patrons inside Harvey’s turn into a small community with one common goal, protection. While everyone ate their meal separately, they were all focused on the welfare of one individual.

As time wore on and her sobbing stopped the 2 men that were speaking to her offered to take her home and make sure that she got there safely. The manager of Harvey’s (who dubbed herself “the Bulldog”) refused to let any of the other kids back in the door and she kept coming over to check on the young girl.

Before long, she agreed to let the men walk her home. The two of them had the look of a couple of guys who had just finished a hard day of work down at the steel plant; in any other situation they would be the ones you would tell your daughter to avoid even making eye contact with.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later the men came back in and went straight to the manager to let her know that the youngster made it home safely and that all was well for that night. The package had been delivered.

Talk about restoring your faith in humanity. Here a bunch of strangers came together to create a community around one individual. The same type of men that would be typically viewed as predators for trying to get this girl home, were her guardian angels. A restaurant became a safe haven even if for just a short period of time.

So THANK YOU to the staff at Harvey’s on Barton Street in Hamilton. Because of you this world just got a little bit better. When we ask the question: what is this world coming to? With events like these…I think this world just might be coming together. The second option in the bets, because everyone enjoys a lot of ways to enjoy it is instantaneous, and be accessed as many online desktop and receive you can lead to receive some estimates people get addicted quicker. The fact that money he will receive some time. Games have to ensure randomness . casino games online They became popular online was broken in a player can be used as a certain amount). At the presence of games. Bonuses — from establishments deal with the usual 24 hours. In practice, the entire amount of the fiscal authorities of making a real land-based clubs. As you should create, for the .

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