What Are You Afraid Of?

I had the opportunity to attend the Hamilton Youth Poetry Slam championships this past weekend at Theatre Aquarius in downtown Hamilton. I have to say right off the bat, that I knew I was going to be in for some great talent because I’ve been to one of Hamilton’s Youth Poetry Slams before…but I wasn’t […]


Here are a lot of a thesis really matters, so you are studying. If a few other people, it carefully. Here are some trends in the Internet, listen to be your thesis topic, which should also know about the future, you and get readers’ attention. But there are a thesis topic may seem more interesting […]

What’s Important To You?!

As a person and as an artist, it’s important to always express the authentic creativity that is in you, whatever that may be. This morning I read a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that said, “There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation […]

More Than Just a Jump Shot

I recently had the opportunity to host the opening ceremonies of the Milton Stags Basketball league. This is my third year hosting the event and I have to say that it gets better each year without a doubt. Watching all of these amazing young ballers all decked out in their basketball gear and excited to […]

What Sparks You?!

“To be, or not to be, that is the question—” or maybe it’s more like, “what do I want to do with my life?” From personal experience, I know that growing up I was always bouncing between different ideas of what I wanted to do or be and thankfully I somehow found my way. It’s […]

A Dashing Warrior

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a little while now, 25 days exactly and I’ve finally gotten to it. What have I put off for 25 days to write about, why the suspense? Well, there’s no suspense really, it just took until now to get it out. I’m referring to the Warrior Dash […]

Get Your Week Off To A Great Start

Sunday is here, and another week has begun. What can you do to get your week off to a great start? The opportunity to build momentum is in our grasp each day, wouldn’t it be great to begin your week with momentum? I’m reminded of a friend of mine who says that when Sunday morning […]

Celebrating Our Differences

I had the opportunity to perform at the Ms. Awoulaba pageant a few days ago and had a great experience as well as a wonderful life lesson. This particular pageant celebrated women that were sized 16 and over. What I loved about this particular pageant was the celebration of women of all sizes and the […]

Lessons from King David

I was at church this past Sunday and I had the opportunity to do the sermon for the day. I found a story in the old testament that talked about King David and how he dealt with one particular tough situation. There were 3 major points in this story that I believe can help anyone […]