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Happy New Year

Jen and I just came back from a New Year’s midnight run at Gage park to ring in the new year. I have to admit, as it got to around 11:30 tonight neither of us wanted to go and run anymore. We tried to talk ourselves out of a it a little, but then decided that we weren’t about to begin the year going back on our commitments.

I find new year’s eve to be a very reflective time for me. While we ran, here are a few of the main lessons that came up for me.


  1. Lesson one was the idea of making a commitment and following through even when we didn’t feel like it. There’s a tremendous feeling that comes with following through especially in the face of doubt.
  2. Lesson two dealt with the state that I found my mind and body in because of the fact that I took action. I felt unstoppable, smooth, rhythmic, energized and in the groove. That’s the way I want to feel this year on a more consistent basis. It was so easy to be able to change my state from tired and apathetic to focused and driven. I own this, it’s my state.
  3. Lesson three saw that there was a certain pace that I found while I was running tonight. At that particular pace I felt like I could continue running forever. This applies to the way that I work now; it’s not a sprint or a marathon, it’s about finding my pace and consistently moving forward.


I am proud of myself and proud of us for getting out there and beginning the year this way. A few people have said to me, “This is gonna be a big year”. Maybe it will. But I’ve learned in the past that thinking that way is a very daunting task for me. I need to break it down much much smaller and decide that in this moment or for the next 30 minutes I’m going to operate in this manner or commit to xyz, then it becomes much easier to me.

One year has to be broken down into 365 single days. Each day I need to work at my pace, put myself in an effective state and follow through on my commitments.

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